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DSN has a state of the art LCD Panel repair facilities, equipped with all the equipment required to complete the full repair on all LCD panels (sizes 7" to 57"). All panels are given a full incoming inspection to verify the fault condition. After fault verification the panels will enter the DSN clean room and be sent to the relevant repair function. When a full repair is completed the LCD panels are given a full QC inspection before the packing process.
  • Polariser Replacement
  • Drive IC Exchange (H/V line or block)
  • Back Light/Lamp Repair
  • Component Level PCB Repair
  • Laser cut/weld internal circuitry
  • Class 1000 Clean Room
  • Air Shower Entrance
  • Class 100 Clean Room for Polariser Repair
  • ESD control
  • Material tracking
  • Receiving
  • Inventory Control
  • Failure Analysis
  • Custom web reports
  • Class 100 Clean Room for Polariser Attach
  • Ionizer System to reduce static build up
  • 7" to 57" TFT LCD Panel
  • One Touch Programming
  • Easy Alignment
  • Alignment by Camera and Display
  • Shift Control
  • Accuracy: x: 25, y: 100
  • Capability: COG/TCP/TCF/COF Bonding
  • Microscope Inspection
  • 500-1000x Magnification
  • Image Analysis Software
  • Ensures Bonding Quality
  • Heat Controlled Ageing Facility
  • Full Inspection During Heat Run
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